Important Things To check

  • lighting is critical

    Learning a lot about building safety from a Dallas personal injury lawyer, one of the largest contributing factors of commercial accidents is poor visibility. To begin addressing risk management at a facility, start with the lights. The better customers and employees can see where they’re going, the easier it is for them to avoid potential mishaps. Investing in adequate lighting and changing burned out bulbs are all important to prevent injuries.

  • Inspect For Clutter

    Clutter and debris can be a major source for potential injuries, causing tripping hazards. The clutter itself can cause injuries too if sharp edges are exposed. Even if the clutter itself does not injure, it can cause a slip-and-fall onto a hard surface or into a store display that can make injuries worse. It’s always good to perform a daily safety inspection of the premises and eliminate any hazards before opening the store to customers.

  • Surveillance & Security

    Another major source of injury in the retail sector is caused by violence during a robbery or theft, or by disgruntled customers and employees. Store owners can reduce the risk of these types of incidents by investing in a quality security surveillance system. These systems often deter people from committing robbery or violent acts because they know they are being watched and recorded. Hiring security officers are also a good deterrent.

Making your store safer is a matter of planning and attention to detail. With both, you can minimize the hazards that lead to accidents, injuries, and lawsuits making your place safer for both employees and customers. The bonus? Operating a clean and well-maintained store is one of the best ways you can make a good impression on customers and keep them coming back.